November 9, 2021

Craze is changing the marketing game for Startups and Small Businesses.

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Scott Rosenbluth

Founder & CEO

From decade-old small businesses to startups, managing a marketing budget is often one of the most difficult processes once doors are actually open. A product is as good as the hands that make it, but getting it into the right hands is a job that needs organization and experience.

A combination of capital, expertise and a viable market is essential to any successful marketing campaign, but these conditions often make it difficult for startups to get off the ground. Even established small businesses need to scale marketing operations if they want to grow.

Scott Rosenbluth (Partner and Chief Executive Officer)

In re-launching Craze (formerly known as Craze Management), co-founder and CEO, Scott Rosenbluth, wants to ensure that these obstacles don’t become barriers of entry for small or newer businesses with tighter marketing budgets.

Scott remains as co-founder and CEO in the relaunch, with his responsibilities key to company development. These responsibilities will include overseeing new business, operations and HR, as well as helping Craze expand into e-commerce, startup, sports, youth, and live events industries.

Blaine Fuhs (Partner and Chief Operations Officer)

This goal is supported by the expertise of Chief Operating Officer, Blaine Fuhs, who will oversee all content production and strategy development for all clients. With extensive experience in marketing and a star-studded client portfolio from his time working in Los Angeles, Blaine will also oversee the overall marketing strategy of Craze.

Dalton Misner (Partner and Chief Marketing Officer)

Joining him in managing key operations will be Chief Marketing Officer, Dalton Misner. With a robust background in music and entertainment industries, Dalton will also be in charge of overseeing Strategic Partnerships and Influencer Management. Even in his Chief management role, Dalton will have touch points with every Craze client, ensuring a unique, on-brand experience of the highest quality.

Who is Craze here to help?

“Whether we are hopping on a weekly call or shooting your next commercial, our team truly does light up the room and works hard to make every interaction special.” — Dalton Misner (CMO)

Craze was founded to provide an all-in-one marketing solution for small businesses and startups. This goal came from a direct need in multiple markets to educate, support and help small businesses create robust, forward-thinking marketing solutions.

A business’ marketing strategy is as unique as its relationship to its audience and the context of its industry. As a result, making the most of a tight marketing budget isn’t just about allocating resources to paid advertisements or sponsoring events. These tend to be workable but secondary marketing strategies.

The core marketing solutions Craze seeks to provide take into account where a business is, the timeframe and extent to which it wants to scale, available resources and marketing avenues which offer the best return on investment (ROI).

This information is paired with a team of marketing experts who combine expertise with adaptability, reacting to each client’s business needs in real time. Devising a strategy is only half the work in marketing. The other half — execution — requires keen eyes and creative minds to be continually effective.

While Craze offers various marketing packages for every client, the most popular option by far remains the custom package option. This comes from the understanding that both Craze and its clients have — that the best strategies are designed around a business and not the other way around.

Keen to find out more? Visit the site here for a more comprehensive look at Craze’s forward-thinking strategies.

A client-orientated approach to marketing

My hope when I take a step back and look at what we are building here at CRAZE is that we will not only help startups and businesses succeed but that we would help give meaning to their successes.” — Blaine Fuhs (COO)

Craze’s decision to focus on developing sound marketing strategies comes from multiple places. The first is the understanding that reproducing generic business strategies is the easiest way for businesses to lose money.

This isn’t just because template solutions don’t plug the unique holes they’re meant to address, but also because markets evolve. People change and so do their behaviors — the best businesses are the ones prepared to adapt with them.

Many small businesses and startups have fallen under through a failure to manage marketing funds. Like a lot of business capital, marketing capital doesn’t just need to be spent wisely, but it needs to demonstrate an ability to increase value. For marketing, this can be through direct forms of increasing value like new transactions and subscriptions or indirect forms like customer loyalty and creating word-of-mouth buzz.

Craze believes in a holistic approach to maximizing a marketing budget. From setting up customer retention models to launching campaigns and internal data management systems, Craze finds the most viable solutions for each client’s short-term spikes and long-term growth.

This combination of short and long term execution is developed to safeguard each client’s business while ensuring that they have a structure of actionable steps and processes that will lead to sustainable scaling.

Core Services

While Craze offers an extensive package list, the custom package option remains the most popular. This is down to Craze’s approach to marketing: creating a diverse and multi-faceted list of marketing solutions to best adapt to a client’s needs.

These services include the inception, creation and execution of a marketing strategy uniquely tailored to each client. Within those strategies is any combination of video, photo and graphic design, as well as social media management.

Content has never been more important to marketing in the digital era, and Craze’s marketing team accommodates this through copywriting and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. These services are designed to direct traffic to a client through a combination of interesting and audience-specific content as well as helping client sites rank higher in search engine algorithms, creating more visibility and brand trust.

These services are available to all prospective Craze clients. To find the marketing solution that’s right for you, start working with a team that will understand your unique business needs and tailor a plan around them here.