November 9, 2021

Craze Charges Forward With New Strategy, Business Model, and Executive Team

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NEW YORK, April 8, 2021Craze has always been about equipping small businesses and startups with the marketing teams they need to grow. But to help its clients adapt and accelerate in this ever-changing climate, it was time to push the company in a new direction.

What’s changed?

Craze’s core services have evolved to meet four key changes that it — and most other businesses — has seen over the past 12 months:

  1. Finding great marketers is a challenge — especially for fast-growing businesses. And while there are solutions available like agencies, freelancers, and full-time hires, these add numerous expenses to an already-strained budget.
  2. Businesses are running lean and they want to maintain that structure while still achieving rapid growth.
  3. Content is king but most businesses simply do not have the budget or bandwidth to create meaningful executions that push them forward.
  4. Businesses need dedicated teams that can deliver a diverse portfolio of services, operate daily marketing functions, and help develop long-term marketing strategies.

So, Craze reshaped its business model and created package offerings that allow clients to focus on what they do best. And the company also assembled a dream team to help pull it off.

Who are the new guys?

Blaine Fuhs, Partner and COO — Two years ago, Blaine went into LA to be a light in the marketing and production industry. He came out with a star-studded portfolio and a lifetime’s worth of experience. Now he joins Craze to handle the tone and strategy for all clients as well as the company itself.

“My hope is that when I take a step back and look at what we are building here at Craze, we will not only help startups and businesses succeed, but we will help give meaning to their successes.” — Blaine Fuhs

Dalton Misner, Partner and CMO — Dalton has a rich background in the music industry, working with clients he guarantees you’ve heard of (and maybe obsessed over). He joins Craze to make its clients equally famous, leading strategic partnerships, influencer management, and brand assurance.

“I’ve been very fortunate to work with amazing brands, artists, and entrepreneurs, and I’m fired up to be building world-class teams at Craze. We’re giving small businesses and startups the same access to dynamic content and marketing capabilities as the big players and, in the short time I’ve been at Craze, I’ve already experienced the difference our team can make. It’s a promising foundation to build on as we move forward.” — Dalton Misner

And who is the fearless leader?

Scott Rosenbluth, Co-Founder and CEO — Scott was there in Craze’s humble beginnings, and he’ll continue to lead through this relaunch. He’ll be overseeing new business, operations, and HR while also continuing to build specialized lanes for Craze to grow through eCommerce, startups, live events, sports, and youth.

“We’ve spent a good amount of time perfecting our process and service offering. Now that it’s in place, we’re excited to provide small businesses with the human capital they need to accelerate growth through marketing.” — Scott Rosenbluth

What does all of this look like in action?

The company starts by having small businesses and startups choose a package that best fits their monthly budget. Next, Craze’s executive team works directly with each client to develop a marketing strategy, creative concepts, and overall plan for growth.

Once the client is on-boarded, Craze’s marketing managers become the main connector between the business and its new marketing team. This includes weekly or bi-weekly calls, end-of-month reporting, and weekly ad updates.

This results in Craze being less of a service and more a direct extension of the client’s core team. Recent tech innovations have made this transition seamless since businesses have already been staying connected remotely over this past year.

These businesses will then have access to robust content development capabilities from inception to production for brand commercials, thought-leadership videos, podcasts, daily social media content, and more.

Plus, as these companies soar to new heights, Craze will make sure its dedicated teams scale alongside them until it has amassed a small army of designers, social media managers, content creators, and paid-ad experts to help them take on the world.

How can future clients learn more?

Small businesses and startups can sign up for a free consultation by visiting

Craze Bio

While based in New York and Los Angeles, Craze works with clients across the country. Most people will want to call them an agency, but they like to think of themselves as an internal marketing team you can bring on for the cost of one hire. They provide strategy, content creation, social media management, copywriting, SEO, paid ads, and business development — plus you don’t have to cover their health insurance.

Stefanie Kramer, Craze
Communications Manager