Small business doesn’t mean small problems

Hey. We’re Craze and we’re ready to get to know your small business inside and out. We’re not an agency, we’re not software. We’re a nimble team that excels at ongoing marketing management that builds business and meets any challenge you throw at us. That includes strategy, content creation and execution, social media management, copywriting, SEO, paid ads, and business development. Like we said, any challenge.  

You can think of us as your very own ‘internal marketing team’ at the cost of one hire. No one else offers that (we checked). Together we’ll establish a tailored, long-term strategy to get you going and growing. The first step is for us to know each other.



By working with your leaders and teams, we uncover what makes you you (even if you don’t know). And then we use that to shape a brand identity and messaging makes for lasting relationships with your customers—old and new. That’s how we build and rebuild brands from the ground up.

Business Development

Our bread and butter is making your business better. Biz dev is where we get to target your short-term and long-term goals from an operational standpoint. This includes anything and everything that grows your business. Let us do all that other marketing “stuff” so you can focus on what you do best.


They say content is king. But it can be time-consuming, expensive—and without a meaningful strategy—it can fall flat. Content is graphic design for some, or video, or SEO copywriting for others. Thought leadership posts? Memes? Maybe. We work to find the right content strategy for every client and then execute our vision carefully and consistently. This is where we crush it.

Digital Experience

When you’re online, you’re always open. From web design and development, to e-commerce setups, to email reminders, we create digital spaces that keep the lines of communication open to your customers. Wherever, whenever. They’ll get all of the info they need, delivered with your brand personality.


With events, you remember the really good ones or the really bad ones. To make sure you’re remembered for all the right reasons, we handle it all: the budgeting, planning, build-outs, logistics, production, execution, guest experience, VIP engagement… Just the little and big things that make all the difference.


Media is about being in the right place at the right time. In that case, you’ve come to the right people. Our team will find ways to cost-effectively broadcast your brand to people most likely to want to know more. From content creation to deployment, we got you and we’ll get you out there.


This is where your brand can really shine, but only with focused, daily effort. We create content and manage all of your social channels to drive people to where we need them to go. When done well, social media can grow your business. Let us make sure every tweet, post, and snap crackles and pops.

Research & Strategy

We’re fans of plans. And often projects that we take on require us to dive deeper and to learn more about your industry, the competition, and trends in the marketplace before we act. We love that because it means we can make smarter decisions now and continue to adapt the challenges of our ever-changing world. The more you know...


We are NOT an agency

We’re an extension of your team. We build a process and a strategy together to bring home wins and we build a team around our clients that win championships.

We keep our clients informed

We do this through weekly meetings (or every other week based on your preference) but we’re available DAILY—just as your in-house marketing hire would be. You can ping us on Slack, call us by phone, or email anytime. This makes us different.

We execute on your behalf

Not only can we move quickly but we can multitask and through technology, clients have full access to ongoing projects, deadlines, content calendars, reporting, and suggestions for when things don’t go as planned.

We iterate

Marketing is hard and your audience may react unexpectedly the first time around. We move, and shake, until we find out what works. That’s what the best marketers do! Even if it’s a strategy shift, we do what we need to do for you.

We grow with you.

Your needs and services when you first start with us, may be different down the line. You know what makes us really happy? When we scale our services and teams with clients we love.

We're here to change the game.

Every business deserves access to a dynamic marketing team. It’s simply not accessible or affordable; we’re here to change that.


Ventures: for a deeper partnership

We’re big thinkers, innovators, and (practical) dreamers. Our focus is helping your small business or early-stage company not just survive, but thrive. To this end, with certain partnerships we leverage equity in addition to fees. We have found in building a brand, product, and relationships — this flexible structure can be a win for both us in the long term.


Here for you, so let’s hear from you

You got to where you are by being crafty, but sometimes you need a hand. We’re around the country and the world, just waiting for email at

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