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How much content are you producing weekly? Content can be defined as value-add articles, social pieces, or videos to pull people in.

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It looks like video is an important part of your marketing strategy. Nice!

We're going to show you a few different styles of video. You tell us which videos fit what you're going for. If you don't know what you need just yet...that's totally fine. Pick the style of the videos you like!

a. It looks like video is an important part of your marketing strategy. In terms of style, is this what you envision?

Video resonates with audiences of all ages. The problem is...it's expensive and not always accessible. When done cheaply, it's often ineffective. Value-add videos like this one can be deployed weekly to build brand awareness and pull people into your social network and eventually your website.

b. Ok, same question. How about this one?

You may be looking to show off new products or your new services. You're looking for action-packed, big-impact content pieces that can be deployed as part of a larger marketing strategy?

c. Last one. Thoughts on this?

Perhaps it's the big mantle piece that you need. A high quality commercial to drive interest and sales. What do you think of this?

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